June 29, 2011

Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Vincent Diamond

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart
by Vincent Diamond

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When Byron Reese infiltrated a big cat refuge in north Florida, he knew undercover work wasn't all fun and games. But now the case is over, the arrests have been made, and yet ...

And yet he's still here at the refuge, working with Kendall, sleeping with Kendall, and maybe, just maybe, falling for Kendall.

This story appears in the author's print collection, Rough Cut.


  1. \o/ I'm so glad to be able to find out what happes next. i love LT&S.

  2. JENNYSMUM2000 ~

    Congrats! You've won a free copy of Cold Hands, Warm Heart in e-book format :) Please e-mail me at jms@jmsnyder.net with the file format you'd like to receive and I'll send it right over.

    Thanks for reading! And everyone, thanks for commenting!

    J.M. Snyder

  3. *cry* I can't believe I missed it. Man I wanted to know what would happen. Oh well I'll have to wait until after my vacation when I can by it *sigh* I saw the post last night and didn't even clue in..stupid me.