January 19, 2011

Afterlife Book 1: Waiting for Colton by Drew Hunt

Now Available from JMS Books LLC!

Afterlife Book 1: Waiting for Colton
by Drew Hunt

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When Dennis Irvine finally arrives at the pearly gates, St. Peter tells him he's late. This is nothing new for Dennis, who's always had a poor sense of timekeeping. On being admitted into Heaven, Dennis is assigned to Brett, a handsome college football player, who will be his guide.

Heaven is not what Dennis expects. It's a college campus, Dennis sleeps in a dorm room with Brett, it's always football season, and why are there so many corners?

Dennis and Brett forge a close platonic father and son friendship as they both wait for their lovers to pass over.

Each time the Archangel Gabriel comes to tell them of new arrivals, Dennis hopes he'll have news of Colton, his beloved firefighter. But the wait is a long one.

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