January 11, 2011

Tune Up by Terry O'Reilly

Now Available from JMS Books LLC!

Tune Up
by Terry O'Reilly

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Kenny left the small, hick hometown where he grew up and went to trade school in the city, where a vibrant gay community allowed him to live life outside the closet. But when his father passes away, he comes home to care for his mother. When she, too, is gone, Kenny finds it difficult to move on.

He has a steady job as an auto mechanic but longs to get back to the city. More than anything, he misses the sex. Here in BFE, he’s the only gay man around, and he’s getting tired of everyone telling him he needs to get married.

Kenny isn’t a big believer in love. All he wants is to get laid.

Then a handsome stranger rides in on his Harley, in need of a tune up. This just might be Kenny’s lucky day.

Read an excerpt or buy your copy today!

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