January 11, 2011

Colin and Martin's London Christmas by Drew Hunt

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Colin and Martin's London Christmas
by Drew Hunt

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Sequel to Colin and Martin's First Christmas.

Christmas is a special time for Colin Rodgers and Martin Kellam. Their relationship began during the holiday five years earlier. But this Christmas could be their last.

Colin left the garden gate open and Toby, Martin’s guide dog, got out, only to be run over and killed. Although he tries not to blame Colin, Martin finds it hard to forgive his boyfriend.

In an effort to save their relationship, Colin takes Martin to London to spend the holiday with the Rodgers family. There they meet Colin’s Uncle Matt, visiting from Australia.

Will the spirit of Christmas, the warmth of family, and the thrills of the big city be enough to mend Colin and Martin’s relationship?

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  1. As a reader it's good to see how different characters handle forgiveness. It tends to make for a gripping read.