September 3, 2015

Paul Alan Fahey on Kindred Spirit

The decision to end my Lovers and Liars gay wartime romance series with the novella Kindred Spirit was pretty much an easy choice to make. By the time I'd finished writing the previous book, A Deadly Game of Malice, I felt the character arcs were almost complete. But I also realized I still had some work to do, especially with Leslie. I knew I had to dig a little deeper to get at the root of his psychological issues. I wrote Kindred Spirit with that goal in mind.

Here's Leslie's character arc in Kindred Spirit:

In order to solve a brutal murder, Leslie Atwater takes an emotional journey back in time to his childhood at St. Andrew's Home for Boys. With his lover and life partner Edward Bridger at his side, Leslie must confront the demons of his past in order to move on in the present.

I hope you'll enjoy Kindred Spirit. I have to admit this story's quite a bit darker in mood and tone than the other installments in the Lovers and Liars series, but there's definitely a shining ray of hope for Caroline's little family by the novella's end. And that's what we all need to hold on to in life, isn't it? Hope.

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