September 21, 2015

Heavy Metal Sunshine Blues by J.D. Walker

Heavy Metal Sunshine Blues by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Sonny Bonhomie is happy by nature. Nothing ever stops him from going after what he wants, which is how he ends up in bed with the very sexy Noah Stiles. They spend a great night together and all is roses, until Sonny catches Noah kissing the stern CFO, Bridges Barfield -- Sonny’s boss.

When Sonny accuses Noah of cheating, Noah readily admits to an open relationship with Bridges. Then Sonny finds out the real reason why Noah slept with him in the first place. Licking his wounds, Sonny needs a change of scene and ends up at a new LGBT bookstore. There he comes face to face with Bruce, a bartender from his old club. They hit it off, and something unexpected grows between them.

Can Sonny navigate all the upheaval in his life and still manage not to fall into the sunshine blues?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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