July 29, 2014

The Abraxas Stone by Richard Fazio

The Abraxas Stone by Richard Fazio is now available in e-book format!

Sequel to The Nexus

In The Nexus, Sykes discovered the origin of his extrasensory powers: a covert, prenatally-conducted genetics experiment done on him and presumably other babies many years ago. Now on the road, Sykes is fleeing from the deadly results of a series of unfortunate incidents which have left him running from the government.

With black ops agents tailing him, he drives south, to have things out with his parents, then he heads west. On the way he runs into Ferris, the transient he met before. Ultra, the hacker who died in New York, materializes on any computer he may be using to catch up on email, initially giving him a big shock. She has insight into the dangers that beset him from the other side of the divide.

Then he meets Benecio, a Mexican Indian, who takes on the role of mentor to Sykes. Benecio teaches Sykes how to employ and control his psychic abilities and, in a mystical experience, leads him to the Abraxas Stone. But before Sykes can decide what his purpose is now that he has this powerful talisman, he runs into Heathman, the Mohave Messiah, a psychic who uses his abilities to heal people. Sykes is attracted to this charismatic man, but Heathman wants the Abraxas Stone for his own duplicitous reasons.

Eventually Sykes reaches Los Angeles, and establishes himself as a healer. Just when he thinks he's managed to disappear into the crowd and shake off his past, people catch up with him, and he has to face down both physical and psychic enemies.

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