May 2, 2014

Paul Alan Fahey on Too Long Among the Dead

Paul Alan Fahey on Too Long Among the Dead

When I set out to write Too Long Among the Dead, I had no idea I’d finish it. Writing a novel length work, at least for me, was quite daunting. Anyone familiar with my work knows I mainly write short books. Short stories have always been my first love, and it was only until I published my first e-book with JMS Books, The View from 16 Podwale Street, that I learned I could stretch a bit and write a novella. If you’ve read any of the books in my gay wartime romance series, Lovers and Liars, you’ll know what I mean. For me, writing a novel was a huge stretch; it always seemed a vast wasteland with way too much room to get lost in and hang myself.

Last November, I took “the write a book in a month challenge” and signed up for National Novel Writing Month, known as NaNoWriMo. With much encouragement from other JMS Books authors, I made the daily word count and ended up with a sprawling work -- for me -- of over 50,000 words that eventually became Too Long Among the Dead.

Here’s a short blurb for the book that I hope will intrigue you:

Dr. Haleigh Hugo thinks he has found the perfect setting for his experimental treatment plan -- a mountain home called Devonshire. He and his lover, Dr. Guy Sanford, take six of their most fragile female patients for a weekend of relaxation and therapy in the high Sierras. But Devonshire has other plans as the house harbors a terrible and painful secret that haunts anyone who comes near.

I’d love to know what you think once you finish Too Long Among the Dead, so please drop me a line on my website and let me know if I’ve succeeded.

Paul Alan Fahey

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  1. I knew you could do it! Can't wait to read the latest.