May 12, 2014

Love, Eternal by Wayne Mansfield

Love, Eternal by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Evan is a man lost in the modern world. He has a job, a house, and a best friend, Claire, who lives just across a small patch of lawn from him. He also has a hole in his soul he hadn't even realized was there until one night he meets a mysterious stranger, lurking in the shadows of a tree-lined lane where men meet for anonymous, casual sex. There’s something striking and a little terrifying about this stranger, who visits his house one night while he’s blissfully sleeping.

Evan's initial intrigue is soon compounded when he learns they’ve met before. A long, long time ago, and they used to be lovers. He finds it difficult to believe the devilishly handsome stranger’s tale of romance and loss, yet the stranger is finally able to convince Evan every word is true. The love they once shared reawakens and their nights are filled with a passion which hasn’t abated over the centuries.

Soon it becomes clear they’re in danger of being parted once again, possibly for the rest of eternity. Neither wants to lose their soul mate a second time. But Evan’s lover is reluctant to give him the very thing he needs to ensure they remain together forever more.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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