April 7, 2014

Run to You by J.D. Walker

Run to You by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Tyson has a serious crush on Justin, a friend and coworker at his job with the call center. Justin is everything he ever wanted in a man: kind, thoughtful, and hotter than hell. Those tight jeans he likes to wear leave nothing to the imagination, much to Tyson's delight. Problem is, Tyson is a foodie and Justin, a sports hound. The only 'exercise' Tyson likes to participate in is cooking or sex, and lots of both.

Desperate, Tyson comes up with a plan to get Justin's attention. He joins a gym to train for a 5k race in which Justin will also be participating. Maybe if Justin thinks Tyson is interested in sports, he'll see Tyson in a new light and ask him out.

Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned. Justin knows Tyson hates sports, so why the sudden interest? It all blows up in the break room where, after being cornered by Justin, Tyson grudgingly admits his attraction. He’s an idiot for trying to get Justin’s attention, and he knows it.

So Tyson tries to put some distance between them, but suddenly Justin won't let him. He convinces Tyson to meet him for coffee and talk it all out. Will Tyson overcome his fear of rejection to hear what Justin has to say?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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