July 16, 2013

Home by Peter Melillo

Home by Peter Melillo is now available in e-book format!

When Larry returns home from the Korean Police-Action War in 1953, he discovers he has changed, the world he left behind has changed, and neither change was for the better. Haunted by combat terrors, he feels his life is wasting away in depression. Then he meets Michael, his new next-door neighbor. Their friendship grows through sexual exploration, intimacy, passion, and eventually love, bringing healing to Larry and self-confidence to Micheal.

But by deciding to live together, the two young men risk their futures. The repressive laws against homosexuality, medical establishment’s malicious diagnoses, and the criminal justice system’s incarcerations of homosexuals in the 1950's -- their entire society damns their love for each other. Can smart planning and good works towards family, friends, and community pay off with a bright future and a happy ending?

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