July 1, 2013

Fly Boys by Peter Melillo

Fly Boys by Peter Melillo is now available in e-book format!

WW II 1943: Kanoah wakes up to find his best friend and fighter pilot wing man Chip has given him a blowjob. Both men are married heterosexuals, but suddenly Chip is professing his love for Kanoah and Kanoah doesn't know what to think or feel or how to handle the situation with its possible future implications.

Chip tells Kanoah he will take whatever consequences Kanoah thinks appropriate for his having expressed his love for him. In doubt about his feelings, Kanoah uses the military's strictures against homosexuality to temporarily defend himself from his confused thoughts. But rather than follow protocol and report Chip's behavior up the chain of command, Kanoah talks to the squadron psychiatrist and gets a new perspective on man-to-man sex during war time.

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