April 4, 2013

The Second Wave by Leska Beikircher

The Second Wave by Leska Beikircher is now available in e-book format!

The colonization began with a first wave of settlers. On day 183, all contact was lost.

Just as mankind has found a way to live together in peace and harmony, Earth grows more hostile by the day. So when scientists discover a way to travel to an alternate Earth, a plan for colonization is quickly formed.

But the connection between the two planets breaks, and when it reopens, something has gone wrong. The colony is gone, the settlers have vanished, and the scenery has changed drastically. All that's left is a lost woman who seems to be connected to whatever happened.

A second wave of colonists set out for Alternearth. Among them is John, who is on the run from the Chinese mob, and leading geologist Dr. Peter Wagner, John's long lost lover. While John and the mysterious woman develop a unique bond and Peter opens up to the possibility of falling in love again, the colonists must find a way to save both planets ... and are forced to face a long forgotten part of mankind’s history.

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