April 3, 2013

No More Lonely Lullabies by Jennifer Cierra

No More Lonely Lullabies by Jennifer Cierra is now available in e-book format!

Sequel to Singing Alone

When pop star Cole Grayson walked into Old Jam’s bar a year ago and found Jake, the lover he thought had died in a fire when they were both seventeen, he was certain his happy ending had arrived at last. He’d found Jake; for Cole, nothing else mattered.

Unfortunately, Jake was running for a reason, and even after a year of living with Cole, he hasn’t stopped. He might smile when smiled at, and he certainly sings on-key, but inside, he’s broken -- and he’s terrified someone will look close enough to tell. Even Cole is held at arm’s length; after all the pain Jake has already caused his lover, he doesn’t want to inflict old ghosts and lingering memories on Cole, as well.

But the demons chasing him are powerful, and even if he could run forever, Jake has nowhere to go. Cole wants to help, but it’s up to Jake to let him -- and that’s something Jake isn’t sure he can do. He needs to deal with his memories if he ever wants to be happy ... and to do that, he’ll have to face them first.

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