February 6, 2013

Of Love and Punishment by Wayne Mansfield

Of Love and Punishment by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Dis, the ancient word for Hell, is a world parallel to our own, close enough for its inhabitants to pass back and forth from their realm into ours, collecting souls and tormenting believers.

Charam is a handsome devil who can easily pass for human. It’s an ability that brings him both pleasure and punishment. He loves his partner, Raum, a minor member of Dis aristocracy, but sometimes he slips. He can’t seem to control himself and he strays. It’s what he does. And why not? Apart from the fact he is a demon, the human male form is just too deliciously tempting.

When Raum discovers Charam’s infidelities, Charam vows to mend his ways, but it isn’t long before he's at it again. Ah, the delights of the human cock! The feel of a muscular body, the aroma of male pheromone, and the bittersweet taste of cum!

When his infidelity is discovered a second time, there is no forgiveness. In a rage, Raum conjures up a unique punishment. No scarlet letter ‘A’ for Charam. Oh no. He has something much more beastly in mind.

A lover humiliated is a dangerous thing, and Charam wants revenge. But his little plan goes too far. At first he doesn’t care what happens -- he is hurt and angry -- but a journey into the Wildlands soon changes that.

Is it too late to rescue his beloved Raum? The matter may well be out of his hands.

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