February 4, 2013

Fighting Gravity by Brittany Fonte

Fighting Gravity by Brittany Fonte is now available in e-book format!

Nearly eighteen, Calliope Pratt knows her rank in the hierarchy of dorks in high school -- just above the band geeks. With a love life as laughable as her name, she still wants a boyfriend. Her best friend Farrah is a Buddhism-dabbling, left-leaning lesbian who has just come to terms with her sexuality. When Callie is humiliated by her crush in front of an auditorium of thespians, she and Farrah turn to the Internet to find their soul mates.

Unfortunately, what they find there isn't what they hoped for.

Amidst family secrets and tragedies, Callie finds and nurtures an online love, the mysterious Kevin. This chat room relationship blossoms and pushes her to the unthinkable: to run away from her mother, grandmother, and newly-introduced father so she can be with her unknown Prince Charming.

But she soon learns nothing is what it seems in the virtual world, and blind trust can be dangerous.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!

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