December 6, 2011

Loosen Up by J.M. Snyder

TITLE: Loosen Up
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Gay Fiction
LENGTH: 8,521 words
PRICE: $2.99


Between course work, an internship, clinicals, and a part-time job, med student Liam Martin is worn out. When his lab is cancelled, freeing up his Friday night, all he wants to do is crash.

Liam's roommates have other plans. They think Liam is too stressed and needs to loosen up ... as in going out to party, not staying home to rest. Adam scores coveted tickets to a concert by local alt band Ebola Rain and uses his connections to get backstage.

But Liam doesn't want to go, and manages to lose his roommates backstage by hiding out in one of the dressing rooms, where he promptly falls asleep. Little does Liam know the room belongs to Cooper Dawson, sexy frontman for the band, who also thinks Liam needs to loosen up.

Then Cooper asks Liam to hang out with him, and suddenly Liam isn’t so tired anymore.


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    haha... sounds great! Definitely going to get this later! <3