December 18, 2011

Gimme Pride by J. Tomas

TITLE: Gimme Pride
AUTHOR: J. Tomas

GENRE: Contemporary • Gay Fiction • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 7,830 words
PRICE: $2.99


At 15, Chip is out and proud. It doesn't hurt that his best friend Jennifer is only the most popular girl in their high school. With her at his side, he feels invincible.

When Chip's older sister invites him and Jen to help her man a vendor booth at Richmond Pride, the two teenagers jump at the chance. Decked out in a provocative bathing suit and feather boa, Chip is completely in his element. Then Jen spots Bobby, who plays soccer for their school and who Chip's had a crush on forever. If he's at Pride, does that mean what Chip hopes it means?

But when Chip tries to talk to Bobby, he discovers not all gay teens are as comfortable flaunting their sexuality as he is.


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