April 19, 2011

Bruised by Vincent Diamond

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by Vincent Diamond

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It's the last semester of vet school for David Livingston, and he's loving his job at a Thoroughbred farm. He loves the mares, he loves the foals, he loves the stallions, and, uh oh, he's starting to fall for the farm's charismatic owner, Marcus too. It's all very confusing for a guy who's never been interested in another man before.

When Marcus takes a tumble from a horse, it's up to David to help him out, but it's almost too much for David to handle. Stitching up Marcus's wound is challenging enough, but can David control his feelings too? Find out who gets Bruised.

This story appears in the author's print collection, Holding the Reins and Other Stories.

Read an excerpt or buy your copy today!

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