February 22, 2016

I Do, I Don't by Lisa Gray

I Do, I Don't by Lisa Gray is now available in e-book format!

While celebrating the Supreme Court same-sex ruling, Josh hides his deep aversion to marriage. He lets his lover Adam believe they’ll eventually marry. But when his wedding-planner mother pushes him too hard to take that step, Josh declares in anger he won’t ever marry Adam.

Adam overhears and flees. Crushed at having been led on, he takes refuge at his old hangout. There he runs into his ex-boyfriend, who tries to take advantage of Adam’s vulnerability. Things go from bad to miserable, leaving Adam struggling to get through the worst night of his life.

Frantically searching for Adam, Josh is forced to accept he could lose him forever -- a prospect he just can’t face. Can he overcome his fears and propose marriage to save their love? That might work, but only if he can somehow convince Adam to trust him again.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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