March 30, 2015

Something Beautiful Remains by Thomas Grant Bruso

Something Beautiful Remains by Thomas Grant Bruso is now available in e-book format!

Harry Lennon and Zeke Hodge spent many wonderful years together, but five years ago, Harry made the grim decision to admit his life-partner to a permanent housing facility at Saint Keller’s Nursing Home for the Aging. Riddled with Alzheimer’s, Zeke barely recognizes Harry anymore. As he tries to help Zeke recall small occurrences in the forty-two years they shared together, Harry wrestles with his worst fear: watching his partner slowly deteriorate in front of him.

During Zeke’s last months at Saint Keller’s, Harry notices his partner gradually slipping away. Zeke grows more violent and disruptive with the orderlies, and becomes a stranger with whom Harry cannot identify. When Harry succumbs to one of life’s harsh realities, what reason can he find to keep living?

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March 29, 2015

First Flight Out by Michael P. Thomas

First Flight Out by Michael P. Thomas is now available in e-book format!

Jesse Cisneros and his best buddy Tanner fly for Mile High Airlines, which is every bit as classy as it sounds. When Dr. Willis rings his call light on a flight from New York to Denver, Jesse is so taken with the good doctor’s looks and charm, he forgets all about the inflight medical crisis that prompted him to call for a flight attendant in the first place. Willis is handsome. Willis is helpful. And wouldn’t you know it? Willis is someone else’s husband.

Jesse can hardly believe his luck when their paths cross again on the patio of a popular gay bar. It’s been nine months, and Willis has been busy: now he’s single, he’s out, and he’s very interested in getting to know Jesse better. It all seems too good to be true! And you know what they say about that ...

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March 25, 2015

Upcoming releases for March 29, 2015


First Flight Out
By Michael P. Thomas

Something Beautiful Remains
By Thomas Grant Bruso

The Best Man for You
By J.D. Walker

March 24, 2015

The Trouble with Wolves by Eve Francis

The Trouble with Wolves by Eve Francis is now available in e-book format!

In this modern fairy tale, the victims of villains seek refuge at a support group where they share their stories and seek validation from one another. Poppy, formerly Little Red Riding Hood, hates the long dull lectures and weeping women. She can acknowledge she may have made a mistake with the Big Bad Wolf, but so have many of the other women in the support group. Why should they be to blame?

Poppy is about to give up entirely and leave when she meets Susan, who built her house out of straw and suffered from her family's legacy. The two are drawn to each other instantly. Their tenuous pasts only make them more interesting, but their good looks still get them into conflicts. Once the group ends, both Poppy and Susan decide that, instead of retelling their stories again and again, the quickest way to solve their trouble with wolves is to take the beast out of the picture entirely. They make plans to meet at Poppy’s grandmother’s house, but will the Big Bad Wolf finally meet his fate, or are happily-ever-afters still a thing of dreams?

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March 23, 2015

Stockton County Cowboys Book 5: Saddling Cowboys by R.W. Clinger

Stockton County Cowboys Book 5: Saddling Cowboys by R.W. Clinger is now available in e-book format!

Sparks fly when Chip Cutter, the owner of a vacationing spot for rowdy cowboys, enters Dan Fargo’s Saddling Cowboys store, a retail shop that sells the finest saddles in Stockton County.

As the heat of the Oklahoma summer rises, so does the passion between Chip and Fargo. However, their budding relationship is threatened when fires break out in downtown Blue Coyote. Fargo’s abusive ex-lover Brent Trigger returns, determined to protect Fargo from the arsonist.

Fargo takes a personal interest in the fires and sets out to learn the identity of the arsonist. In the process, he begins to unravel other crimes happening in town. Rowdy gangs and nosy reporters push Fargo to the edge, challenging his sanity. Even when the arsonist is behind bars, Brent Trigger remains at large. Can Fargo and Chip put aside their differences, saddle up, and ride off into life’s wide blue yonder together?

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March 22, 2015

Just My Style by J.M. Snyder

Just My Style by J.M. Snyder is now available in e-book format!

When hair stylist Jai Hathaway decided to open his own salon, he knew he would sacrifice some of his personal time to run the business. But long hours working late have him feeling lonely, and he just doesn't seem to connect with the few men he dates. His business partner Kiki suggests what he needs is to find a different type of guy, someone who isn't in the salon business, but not only does Jai not know how to find a guy like that, he isn't even sure where to look.

On a particularly cold morning in January, the salon's hot water goes out and Jai scrambles to find a plumber on short notice. Enter Duane Schneider, sexy and confident, and interested in getting more than just Jai's hot water boiling. But he's so outside Jai's comfort zone that, at first, the stylist isn't sure how to react. When it becomes obvious Duane wants to continue things outside of business hours, though, Jai agrees to a date, if only to see where the evening might lead.

Is Kiki right when she said Jai needed to find someone different? Or will Duane turn out to be just his style after all?

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March 18, 2015

Upcoming Releases for March 22, 2015


Just My Style
By J.M. Snyder

Stockton County Cowboys Book 5: Saddling Cowboys
By R.W. Clinger

The Trouble with Wolves
By Eve Francis

March 17, 2015

The City PI and the Country Cop by Edward Kendrick

The City PI and the Country Cop by Edward Kendrick is now available in e-book format!

A murder in a small Colorado town closely resembles unsolved crimes committed by a serial killer almost thirty years ago. Private investigator Teague Donovan learns of the recent murder and is instantly drawn to the case, because one of the victims in the past was his best friend, and he is determined to bring the killer to justice.

Hoyt Newman, the detective in charge of the most recent case, is none too happy with Teague's interfering. At least not until a second homeless boy is tortured and killed. As the two men work together, they begin to develop an interest in each other -- one that seems fated not to come to fruition since Teague is city, through and through, and Hoyt is definitely country to the core.

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March 16, 2015

Measuring the Sky by Francis Gideon

Measuring the Sky by Francis Gideon is now available in e-book format!

Ben Halifax is still hurting over an old break-up, so he decides to spend Friday night inside the Philadelphia Crime Lab doing extra work. He's surprised when coworker Charlie Page shows up. Though the two have worked together for years, being together in the lab on a Friday night eats at Ben in ways he doesn’t want to think about.

Charlie reveals that he's giving up his Friday to watch the Lyrid Meteor shower -- also known as the April's Shooting Stars. It’s a rare and spectacular event, and Charlie invites Ben along for the show. Ben agrees, but not without some reservation.

As the night wears on, Ben finds himself wanting more than simple friendship from Charlie. Will shooting stars finally give Ben what he needs, or will it be another love story cliché that fails to live up to reality?

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March 15, 2015

It Never Left by Iyana Jenna

It Never Left by Iyana Jenna is now available in e-book format!

After his boyfriend Jonah Wright defeats the alien queen attacking their hometown, Sean Cross thinks everything is solved and things will go back to normal. But normal no longer exists. Jonah and his other friends look and act too good to be true.

Sean's suspicions grow after his search for a boy who stayed in Jonah's house, Ryan Godfrey, turns up nothing. It’s as if Ryan no longer exists. Can Sean save his boyfriend, or will he lose Jonah forever? And perhaps the most important question is -- did the alien queen really die?

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March 12, 2015

Unspoken by Sam Singer

Unspoken by Sam Singer is now available in e-book format!

Kenneth and David from the best-selling stories Broken and Envy are back for another sensual glimpse into their D/s relationship.

Kenneth prides himself on being the best trained sub he can for his Dom. David returns home after a hard day of work and lavishes Kenneth with attention but does not allow Kenneth to serve him. Honored to receive his Dom’s attentions, he longs to speak the words of love overflowing within him, but without permission to speak, Kenneth must instead rely on a soundtrack of power ballads to say what he cannot as David brings him to the peak of sexual satisfaction.

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March 11, 2015

Upcoming Releases for March 15, 2015


It Never Left
By Iyana Jenna

Measuring the Sky
By Erica Yang

The City PI and the Country Cop
By Edward Kendrick

March 10, 2015

The Demons of Whitechapel by Leska Beikircher

The Demons of Whitechapel by Leska Beikircher is now available in e-book format!

Simon Stark returns to Whitechapel in east London as a Detective Inspector in Homicide. But Simon fears fieldwork and interacting with a team, because he has a few … issues. He is severely OCD and voices in his head keep him pinned down to the Rules by which he must live his life.

In his experience, people dislike him, and the feeling is mutual. Simon expects resentment, especially from Detective Sergeant Ralph Golding, who's been leading the team since the death of their previous inspector. But to his surprise, the team warms up quickly to him.

Now Simon has to deal with the growing attraction between himself and Ralph while the Rules forbid such unprofessional behaviour. And when the demons living under Whitechapel begin to manifest, Simon has to face bigger dangers than just the voices in his head.

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March 9, 2015

Stallions & Studs: Reining In Rio by Terry O'Reilly

Stallions & Studs: Reining In Rio by Terry O'Reilly is now available in e-book format!

The final installment in the Stallions and Studs series sees wrangler and riding instructor Rio Cody enjoying the single life. He can -- and often does -- have a different guest in his bedroll every night. Despite the urgings of fellow ranch hands, most of whom have found partners, Rio sticks to his motto of “monogamy is monotony.”

However, Rio’s resolve to stay foot-loose is severely tested when he locks horns with New York college student, Mark Wembley, at a local Quarter Horse show. Mark is not at all Rio’s type, and he’s a pain in the butt to boot. Rio returns to his job at the gay dude ranch and manages, mostly, to put Mark out of his mind.

What happens when Mark shows up at Stallions and Studs as a guest and Rio is forced to face the fact that despite all his efforts to the contrary, he finds himself having feelings for Mark? Will Rio dig in his boot heels and continue to ride life’s trails alone, or will Mark do what no other man has, rein in Rio?

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March 8, 2015

For a Good Man's Love by Paul Alan Fahey

For a Good Man's Love by Paul Alan Fahey is now available in e-book format!

Actor Harry Anders’ movie career is in full swing. His fans are legion, and his talent attracts first-rate directors and producers. With an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe under his belt, it seems he can do no wrong.

He also has a more than satisfying personal life. He marries Alec Walker -- the love of his life -- and romances his agent, Jake Navarro, on the side. Branching out, Harry turns to TV and nabs an iconic role in a hit detective series destined to run for years. The gods are indeed good to him.

But gods can be fickle. Without warning, the network cancels his series. Leading roles become scarce, and Harry’s marriage crumbles under the pressure. In desperation, he agrees to a plan of lies, deceit, and double-crosses that ultimately leads to murder. How far will Harry go for a good man’s love?

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March 6, 2015



Cowboy Roundup, Gay Erotic Romance Stories
Editor: Drew Hunt
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Deadline: August 31, 2015

Payment: $40 USD and two copies of the published book in paperback and e-book format upon publication

Cowboy Roundup: Gay Erotic Romance Stories is open to all authors.

We’re looking for erotic stories between 5,000 and 9,500 words featuring hot, sexy cowboys in love and lust. These western-themed tales can be contemporary or historical, set on a ranch, on the trail, or in a bar, or anywhere two cowpokes can knock boots. Stories should be explicit and steamy, taking the reader on a wild ride or a roll in the hay.

Previously published stories may be considered if the author retains non-exclusive rights to republish in an anthology, but preference will be given to new stories. Authors new to JMS Books are encouraged to submit.

Stories must contain a gay or M/M erotic romance. Stories may contain multiple partners, but heterosexual or bisexual erotic stories will not be considered. We’re looking for unique stories in the cowboy genre by authors with strong voices and vivid imagery. Make us feel the passion between the players as well as the dust on their boots and the heat of the trail.


Submissions must include the author’s legal name and pseudonym (if any), mailing address, and a 50-word or less bio written in the third person. Send full manuscript formatted in Arial, 12 pt. font, in DOC or RTF format (no DOCX) with the first line of each paragraph indented (do NOT use tabs) and single spacing. US grammar (double quotation marks, etc.) is required.

E-mail to with the subject line: Cowboy Roundup Submission.

March 5, 2015

Dick Dancers by Alex Morgan

Dick Dancers by Alex Morgan is now available in e-book format!

Narcissistic and arrogant, Joel is on top of his world. His ginger features and perfectly sculpted body have made him one of the most popular male dancers in Manhattan. His partner Sam is also a favorite dancer but doesn’t have a following like Joel’s.

When Joel starts receiving text messages and pictures from a secret admirer, Sam becomes concerned because Joel enjoys the extra attention. But soon, the unknown admirer elevates his stalking to physical attacks.

Joel realizes Sam is right and he has to confront his stalker to end his attacks, but how far is his secret admirer willing to go?

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March 4, 2015

Upcoming releases for March 8, 2015


For a Good Man's Love
By Paul Alan Fahey

Stallions & Studs: Reining In Rio
By Terry O'Reilly

The Demons of Whitechapel
By Leska Beikircher

By Sam Singer

March 3, 2015

2015 Read an E-Book Week

March 1-7 is Read an E-Book Week at Smashwords, and many of our titles are discounted 25%, 50%, 75%, even 100% off!

Below are links to our authors' profile pages on Smashwords, where you will find their JMS Books titles on sale this week!

NOTE: These sale prices are only available through Smashwords, and run through March 7, 2015. You must have a Smashwords account to receive the discount.

March 2, 2015

Bad Idea by Erica Yang

Bad Idea by Erica Yang is now available in e-book format!

Riva Corley needs a girlfriend. Not because she wants one, but because her boyfriend, Benton, is pushing her to kiss a girl in front of him. Afraid of losing Benton, Riva agrees to try, but she never expects to find a girl she actually likes and wants to kiss for her own reasons.

Daisy Mejia has stayed closeted for all of high school so far -- it seems pointless to come out for a kiss that's destined to go nowhere. Daisy also has no desire to put on a show for Riva's boyfriend. But she's had a crush on Riva Corley forever, and Daisy can't pass up this chance.

Before long, what starts out as a bad idea begins to look more like a relationship. Soon, Daisy must decide how much trouble she'll put up with, and Riva has to figure out what it means when she's falling for another girl.

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March 1, 2015

And To My Son by Emery C. Walters

And To My Son by Emery C. Walters is now available in e-book format!

Ted returns home after the death of his father to find his only inheritance is the contents of the garage. Dealing with family can sometimes be hard and unusually cruel, as his sister proves. But Ted soldiers on and runs into an old friend from his past. A sexy friend, too!

Enter Duncan.

Ted and Duncan were on the swim team together in their youth, and now, years later, they hit it off again. Duncan has his own business and offers to help Ted with the car. But will long hours spent together in the garage lead to more than either man bargains for?

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