March 30, 2015

Something Beautiful Remains by Thomas Grant Bruso

Something Beautiful Remains by Thomas Grant Bruso is now available in e-book format!

Harry Lennon and Zeke Hodge spent many wonderful years together, but five years ago, Harry made the grim decision to admit his life-partner to a permanent housing facility at Saint Keller’s Nursing Home for the Aging. Riddled with Alzheimer’s, Zeke barely recognizes Harry anymore. As he tries to help Zeke recall small occurrences in the forty-two years they shared together, Harry wrestles with his worst fear: watching his partner slowly deteriorate in front of him.

During Zeke’s last months at Saint Keller’s, Harry notices his partner gradually slipping away. Zeke grows more violent and disruptive with the orderlies, and becomes a stranger with whom Harry cannot identify. When Harry succumbs to one of life’s harsh realities, what reason can he find to keep living?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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