November 29, 2015

Rachel's Legacy by Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk

Rachel's Legacy by Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk is now available in e-book format!

Law professor Alison Burke thought she was an only child until her mother died. Suddenly, flowers and white roses show up with a sash that reads Mother, and the funeral director tells her all the funeral expenses have been paid for. The cards on the flowers are signed simply, Rachel.

Who is Rachel, and why didn’t she call before Mother passed away?

Having discovered she has a half-sister, Rachel shows up to explain why she and her mother could never contact each other. Though skeptical at first, Alison discovers she and Rachel have a lot in common. The two sisters quickly bond and go out of their way to make up for lost time. Rachel is a billionaire who thinks nothing of spending money, and she introduces Alison to the life of the very rich. Though Alison enjoys the treats, she has always worked for what she achieved and clings to her independence.

Then Alison meets Lillian Torres at a party and falls for the beautiful Venezuelan woman. Rachel is delighted Alison has found love and embraces Lillian into their lives.

When fate intervenes, will Alison and Lillian be able to give up their careers to help realize Rachel's dream of creating a home for handicapped children?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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