October 27, 2015

Of Love and Feather Boas by J.D. Walker

Of Love and Feather Boas by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Zachary Bodine owns a costume store with his friend and business partner, DeeDee Harrow. It's the only thing that keeps him going most days after the betrayal and near bankruptcy caused by his ex-boyfriend Maddox five years ago. It happened on Halloween, and he’s hated that holiday ever since. He’s become thin and grouchy, to the despair of his closest friends.

Lucius “Lucille” Lombardi, the gorgeous drag queen and part-owner of the popular club next door, has had his eye on Zachary for years. He’s determined to have the man for his own. The plan? A few home-cooked meals, some kisses, and Dinah Washington.

When Maddox shows up out of the blue on Halloween night, Zachary has to choose: let the past continue to rule his life, or don a feather boa and grab hold of Lucius.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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