August 1, 2015

T.A. Creech on Sentinel

To be honest, when I thought up the idea for Sentinel, it was because there wasn't much in the way of a Deist view when it comes to angels. The Divine always seems to be intimately involved at some point, as a guide or a fix-all. I was looking for something else.

After that, the idea just spun out. Hierarchy, with Michael in command of the whole mess, how threats were dealt with, what happened when angels were dirtside. On and on and the world-building became so much, I ended up expanding the idea so much that it would take several books to include all the bits I came up with. When I came to how defense would work, that's when the Muse coughed up the first angel character I needed, though I didn't know it until a couple bits of research later.

Somehow, I stumbled onto the wonderful idea of biblical theosophy. Lists and lists of angels and what the -el means at the ends of their names. That's how I found the Shield, the linchpin to would need to be knocked out to stage a massive offensive against the Host. Castiel.

(And yes, I searched for alternatives and cried over this angel for three days. No other angel has a name that means anything close to shield though, so away I went).

Being a romance author, of course I turned it into a romance plot. And I love cowboys, so, Jason. Then, I figured it was just weird to have a lone guy out in the wilds of Arkansas and that's where the brothers started popping up. After I set it all up, I wrote it by the seat of my pants. Loved every minute of it and can't wait to finish the next three books in the series for everyone to enjoy.

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