May 3, 2015

Bachelor Auction: The Football Player by Drew Hunt

Bachelor Auction: The Football Player by Drew Hunt is now available in e-book format!

The characters from Surprise Gifts return for another kinky adventure. Former NFL defensive lineman Brad Williams only agrees to put on his old football uniform and take part in a charity bachelor auction when his boyfriend, Nick Dailey, promises to bid on him. But when the auction begins, Nick is nowhere to be found, and to make matters worse, an obese woman in the fourth row keeps topping everyone’s bid.

Fortunately it turns out she’s bidding for Nick, who has been busy setting up a post-auction candlelit picnic. But Brad soon discovers the food is just the appetizer, and he’s the main course. Before long, his wrists are bound above his head and he’s teased with various sex toys until he gets his just desserts.

Later, needing to reassert his macho pride, Brad puts his own plans for the evening into action. What can two horny former football players get up to in a deserted baseball stadium, not to mention an empty locker room?

Warning: contains scenes of mild BDSM as well as unorthodox uses of soft fruit, chocolate sauce, and baseball bases.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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