April 14, 2015

The Secret of Maggoth by Pagan Steele

The Secret of Maggoth by Pagan Steele is now available in e-book format!

Stylish and easygoing Nico Lafayette is a graduate student at Miskatonic University. It looks like his college career is about to come to a premature end when his professor -- a stern, humorless woman named Amelia Adams -- objects to the direction his work is taking. She gives him an ultimatum: pull his dissertation into shape in twenty-four hours or face expulsion.

Nico, however, has more important things on his mind. He’s just fallen head over heels in love with a tall, brooding young goth named Dorian Blackwood. Faced with the choice between work and chasing after Dorian, he opts for the latter.

To his horror, he discovers Dorian has been drawn unwittingly into a devil-worshiping cult ... and the cult's leader is none other than Professor Adams! Now Nico has a double objective: free Dorian from Satan's clutches, and find a way to defeat Amelia once and for all!

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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