January 26, 2015

Bear Hunting by R.W. Clinger

Bear Hunting by R.W. Clinger is now available in e-book format!

Toby Cartwright hopes his work as a blogger about gay masculine bears will help him find the bear of his dreams. When English teacher Blue Danning asks to borrow a few of Toby’s articles to teach writing methods to his students, initially Toby refuses, until his best friend and gym owner David King persuades him otherwise. Toby and Blue hit it off and start dating.

Then Toby meets musician Grant Stevens. Not only does Grant find Toby attractive, but he also buys the blogger a drink. Following one of Grant’s shows, Toby decides to take the singer home. What happens between the singer and blogger is a surprise, leaving Toby to question every man out there.

Unable to give up on his bear hunt, Toby is asked to house-sit for Denver Ralston, a sexy muscular bear who works as a nutritionist at David’s gym. But Toby accidentally exposes Denver’s secret, changing their relationship forever.

Each day courier Carey Cunningham delivers a mysterious envelope to Toby which contains suggestive pictures of Toby. Who's sending them, and why? When Toby finds out, he’s shocked at the results.

Finally, leading porn star and Toby’s former childhood friend Jim Bone comes to town and invites Toby out to catch up on old times. When they meet, they reflect on their past and how their lives have changed.

One of these adorable men has to be the right one for Toby. But who is it?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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