August 25, 2014

Eidolon by Joshua Skye

Eidolon by Joshua Skye is now available in e-book format!

Boyishly attractive actor Caesin Faulkner has been cast in a sexually explicit but artistically progressive play at The Ivory Gates Theatre. Under the almost tyrannical eye of the director, Caesin struggles with the emotional intensity of the play and its other, more physical, demands. Combined with his off-stage problems, an abusive ex-boyfriend who refuses to go away and chronic insomnia, his life seems to be going on a downward spiral. But things begin to look up, when he meets a handsome young man named Sebastian.

Sebastian is romantic, kind, intelligent, and opinionated. Though Caesin doesn’t always agree with Sebastian’s philosophies, he can’t help but find the intellect behind the ideas as attractive as the man himself. Romance between them blossoms, but as they grow more fond of one another, Caesin’s struggles seem at odds with his newfound happiness. His sleeping disorder continues, and his tense relationship with his director worsens, the play itself tainting his life. Then there is his ex, a persistent and aggressive man whose jealousies begin to show in ever more violent ways.

The lines between his life and the play begin to blur, and something is reaching through the dreary state he’s found himself in to distort reality even further. Caesin becomes submerged in a haunting apprehension that maybe the two worlds he lives in were never separate to begin with. Maybe everything happens for a reason, a reason that could tear the fabric of his reality to shreds.

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