March 13, 2014

Iyana Jenna on A Home for Jesse

Iyana Jenna on A Home for Jesse

Homelessness is a common problem in my country (and how bad it makes me feel to write those words). Poverty is not something rare here, especially in big cities where everybody wants to stay. Most people have an idea, a dream, that if they go to a big city, they can be successful, have a big house, and live comfortably, and if possible, in luxury. It's those television dramas and soap operas and the magazines that plant dreams in everyone's head. Having a dream is not bad and it's good if someone can realize it. Unfortunately, not everyone can be lucky to get everything they desire, and not everyone is willing to work hard to succeed.

Now, someone can work hard but still not being lucky in their life. A lot of factors can be involved, people around them, their employees, friends, family, the decisions they make, how the stars get aligned in the sky, anything. If the universe simply doesn't agree with what they do, things can go from bad to worse, and the next thing they know, they lose everything they have, just like the character Jesse in my new story, A Home for Jesse.

Jesse's bad luck started when his roommate left and he had to pay the rent by himself, which he wasn't able to do. He had no place to live as renting a room was too expensive for him seeing that he was only a PA in some movie set. He did have another job -- or had, since he was then kicked out of the place, literally. How would Jesse continue his life, or if he did at all?

This story had been one of my most beloved ones. The inspiration to write this came after I watched an episode in a series and one of the characters slept on a bench on the side of the road. My imagination went wild seeing it. I wondered how it would be like not to have a home and to end up sleeping under the sky. It called for an angsty story. I love a story like that so I let my mind wander.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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