February 19, 2014

He's the Boss by J.D. Walker

He's the Boss by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Lynn Hall runs a small, successful employment agency. While he’s able to find great candidates for his clients, he can’t seem to get a good assistant for his own office. One day while Lynn’s trying to answer the phone, type one-handed, and pour coffee for a guest, Duncan Stern walks in and becomes the answer to his prayers.

Duncan has recently been laid-off and is desperate for a job. Taking a chance on another agency, he walks into the offices of Lynn Hall & Associates and Lynn hires him on the spot.

Sexual tension simmers between them but they’re hesitant to pursue it because Lynn’s the boss. When one fateful evening thrusts them into each other’s arms, they’re forced to acknowledge the very real attraction they feel toward one another.

Steamy nights and hot office liaisons lead to something more, but one lecherous client threatens their love and livelihood. Will Lynn lose his company and the man of his dreams?

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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