November 25, 2013

Brothers of the Moon by Wayne Mansfield

Brothers of the Moon by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

When night falls, darkness cloaks the land. It is a time of shadows and those creatures who move in shadow. What truly happens in the hours we spend sleeping blissfully unaware in our beds? Only the moon knows. And the Brothers of the Moon.

This collection contains thirteen tales of horror and fantasy, of passion and lust, from the realm of darkness. A demon on the beach demonstrates a degree of trickery that reinforces our fear. Spectres from beyond the grave return to help, console, and once again enjoy carnal pleasures long since left behind. The lonely Nullabor Plain plays host to extraterrestrial visitors. Ancient vampires bestow the Moonkiss on a troubled young man. Beings who have no name move unseen throughout the world, altering our lives in small but important ways. And all the while there is the call of the flesh -- the unceasing passion for closeness and gratification that binds human to supernatural.

Join the Brothers of the Moon. Let them lead you to places you can only imagine. Let them caress you. Let them kiss you. If you dare.

Read an excerpt or download a copy today!

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