May 12, 2013

My Fairy Tale by Joshua Skye

My Fairy Tale by Joshua Skye is now available in e-book format!

Tommy pretends he is a princess. New York City is his Kingdom by the Sea, and the building he lives in is his castle. There are dangers galore, like the goblins warring on the first floor. His toy unicorns are his friends, a stuffed panda his custodian. And Ronald Reagan is a prisoner in the depths of the castle, allowed to eat only ketchup sandwiches, a fitting punishment for his crimes. Tommy is hopelessly in love with Handsome Prince Johnny, who fled from the faraway kingdom of New Jersey to mingle with the other aristocrats down on the street, the bright stream of life flowing past Tommy's windows.

Tommy’s vivid imagination helps him deal with a world at odds with everything about him. He’s a boy who likes to dress in girls’ clothes and wear make-up. He is a boy who has a crush on another boy. Reality and pop culture merges in this flight of fantasy, a contemporary fable for every boy who dreams of being a princess and one day queen of his own realm.

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