October 11, 2011

Caught by J. Tomas

Now Available from JMS Books LLC!

by J. Tomas

GENRE: Contemporary • Gay Fiction • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 4,192 words

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When shortstop Mike Watson catches his Junior Varsity teammate Robby Brown slipping a tube of ChapStick into his pocket at the store, he doesn't know what to think.

Mike has had the hots for Robbie since the two boys started high school and finds it difficult to talk to him without feeling awkward and stupid. But he has to say something. What if someone else saw and Robby gets in trouble?

Does Robby make a habit of stealing things? Has Mike’s perception of his friend been wrong all these years? Is the ChapStick a cry for help or a way of getting Mike’s attention? Mike is determined to find out.

Read an excerpt or buy your copy today!

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