November 3, 2010

Colin and Martin's First Christmas by Drew Hunt

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Colin and Martin's First Christmas
by Drew Hunt

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Blind since birth, Martin Kellam is facing the prospect of yet another Christmas alone save for his guide dog, Toby. Finding it easier to shop online, Martin orders groceries to be delivered from the local supermarket. It doesn’t hurt that the delivery driver is strong, hot, and has a sexy London accent.

Colin Rodgers usually leaves Martin’s deliveries until last so he can spend a little extra time with the man he admires and has a secret longing to protect. One day close to Christmas, Martin is making soup and asks Colin to join him. Colin agrees. As they eat, Colin reveals he’s not looking forward to Christmas as he’ll be spending it with a friend and the friend’s fiancĂ©e.

Not expecting him to accept, Martin offers to cook Christmas dinner for Colin. But Colin surprises him. Will turkey and stuffing be all they’ll share?

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  1. Ohh, this looks interesting. Can't wait to read it.