September 10, 2010

A Hero is Never Too Old by J.T. Marie

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A Hero is Never Too Old
by J.T. Marie

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When Jessa was a young princess, the evil magician Farryl kidnapped her. Young knight Garrian, on a quest for the legendary Ky-Lin unicorn, crossed paths with the magician and rescued the fair maiden. After banishing Farryl to the Mystic Wood and retrieving the unicorn's horn, Garrian was granted Jessa's hand in marriage. And, as the story goes, they lived happily ever after.

Only perhaps they live a little too happily. Married life has fallen into a routine. With a lordship in the country, Lord Garrian no longer has the time to seek adventure in dangerous lands. Lady Jessa knows her husband longs for the old days, so takes matters into her own hands to give Garrian a chance to relive his youth.

But her plans go awry when a novice magician steals the Ky-Lin horn ... and takes her prisoner! Now Garrian has more than enough adventure on his hands as he enlists Farryl's help to rescue his wife once again.

Note: This story appears in the print collection Bones of the Sea and Other Stories.

Read an excerpt or buy your copy today!

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