August 17, 2010

Will Turner's Luck by Terry O'Reilly

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Will Turner's Luck
by Terry O'Reilly

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Will Turner celebrates the end of a ten-year marriage by acting on his repressed longings and heading for a gay bar. Just his luck, the next morning he awakes in a strange room with a stranger by his side and no memory of how he got there or who his bedmate is. The bedmate, Robby, however, not only knows Will, but has definite plans for how the rest of their lives will go, complete with matching rings on their left hands.

As Will attempts to unravel the mystery, he falls in love with Robby, despite the unanswered questions as to Robby’s past, character, expectations, and intentions in their growing relationship. Throwing caution to the wind, Will invites Robby to share his home and shoulders much of the financial responsibility for their lives together.

When the truth finally comes out, Will is faced with a tough decision which has consequences for his future happiness.

Read an excerpt or buy your copy today!

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