February 26, 2014

Okatsu by Tam MacNeil

Okatsu by Tam MacNeil is now available in e-book format!

Hyabusa Jao bungled his most recent assignment as an assassin for the Good Men and now he is in trouble with his scary boss, Kazematsuri. As punishment, he has to guard Ryo, the fifteen-year-old son of the opium lord of Okatsu. Jao is prepared to hate his assignment, but unexpectedly he likes the kid a lot, and spends his time training the boy in the rudiments of survival on the street.

Then Ryo is kidnapped.

Tall and elegant Masahiro, Ryo's older brother, is convinced Jao did the deed, and hates him for it. But as Jao pursues the truth and burrows deeper and deeper into the corrupt heart of the opium business, he and Masahiro are slowly drawn into an uneasy collaboration. Together they must uncover the enemy, and team up against a ruthless man who doesn't care who he has to kill to profit.

NOTE: This book was previously published under the title, The Mediocre Assassin's Handbook.

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February 25, 2014

Living With Syn by A.C. Katt

Living With Syn by A.C. Katt is now available in e-book format!

Sequel to The Sarran Plague

Syn Sinclair is one of the women taken from Earth to Sarran to replenish the fem population. While still en route on the Brightstar, Syn meets the Sarran Elder, TeZaron and thinks he looks down on her because of her checkered past. Upon landing, Nafer, TeZaron and TeBron's offspring, recognizes Syn as his "Mommie," something the Elders didn't realize because of the mind blocks they had placed on each other to ensure the success of the mission to Earth.

Syn, a former prostitute and drug addict, left home at sixteen because she was sexually abused by her father and his friends. She made it out of the gutter and into the halls of higher education, getting her Masters in Psychology with a specialization in PTSD. Now she’s afraid her WarriorPair won’t accept her because of her past. As soon as they bring her to their home, she works to gain their respect.

Supported by her WarriorPair and their son Nafer, Syn settles into her new household with grace and energy. She is happy, very happy, except for one niggling doubt. Although she knows her Warriors have accepted her, she worries how others will view her new social position on Sarran. In particular, a fem from Syn's past lets everyone know she’s unfit to BondStir with the High Lords. Madeline Dixon-Howard sees Syn as a blight on the new society.

Additionally, an even deeper evil is hiding in the Sarran government. Someone has sold information to the roach-like Zyptz, someone who planted a bomb and listening devices in the homes. Someone doesn't want Earth women to mix into the Sarran genepool. Syn's insights as a psychologist combined with her new Psy powers just might help her Warriors find out who the traitors are and devise a plan to capture them.

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February 24, 2014

Beachcombers by R.W. Clinger

Beachcombers by R.W. Clinger is now available in e-book format!

Sontimore Island, within Lake Erie, just isn’t the same this year for environmental biologist Wayne Dixon. He analyzes the water for safety: chlorine levels, oxides, currents, temperatures, toxins, and bacteria and plant life. But his job is soon forgotten when a sexy young guy named Tab arrives on the island and Dixon's sexual urges become untamable.

Tab Fuller is blond and reeks of class, money, and sex appeal. He’s a charmer, inquisitive, and always gets what he wants. Nothing is out of reach in his world, particularly the strange and sexy man who studies the lake's water.

But Edith, Tab’s aunt and owner of Sontimore Island, must protect her wealth and her nephew. Will she force Dixon to choose between his job and Tab?

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February 23, 2014

Arabesque by Hayden Thorne

Arabesque by Hayden Thorne is now available in e-book format!

An ambitious young princess, Ulrike, turns to the dark arts in order to become queen despite her younger sister’s warnings of a fatal consequence to mortgaging her soul. She succeeds, yet Ulrike finds herself trapped in a hateful marriage, her mind slowly being devoured by her powers, while conceiving and giving birth to a boy.

Alarick -- “the bastard prince” -- becomes the court’s favorite object of mockery because of the scandal of his conception, his mother’s spiraling madness compounding his ordeal. When Alarick falls in love with a childhood friend, Roald von Thiessen, the added sin of an unnatural romance gets caught up in a tumultuous aristocratic environment that’s rife with hypocrisy, cruelty, betrayal, and murder.

Forcibly separated from each other during a bloody uprising, Roald and Alarick become helplessly ensnared in nightmarish adventures designed to twist their characters and destroy their minds in the process. The young lovers fight for their souls and a way back to each other in a world weighed down by the forces of dark and light magic, and gods grapple with each other over mortal destinies.

Arabesque is more than a gothic, homoerotic retelling of the Snow White folktale. It is at once allegory and a darkly satirical account of contemporary issues such as misogyny, homophobia, and the process of reparative therapy.

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February 20, 2014

Love and Murder by W.S. Long

Love and Murder by W.S. Long is now available in e-book format!

Jake Chandler is a struggling small-town Florida lawyer, and his life is falling apart. His ex-wife makes seeing his daughter difficult, his boyfriend Noah may be cheating on him, and his money woes are growing. Jake hopes that a new murder defense case will help with his money woes, but his ex-wife Elena is the prosecutor. It’s bad enough she has to fight with him over custody of their daughter. Now she wants nothing more than to beat him in the courtroom, too.

And then people around him start dying.

First, an ex-lover gets his brains blown out while he and Jake have coffee. The danger comes even closer. Then Jake meets handsome FBI agent Xavier, who is investigating the crimes surrounding him. Can Jake trust this new man in his life? Is Xavier who he says he is? Or does his involvement put Jake and those he loves in even more danger?

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February 19, 2014

He's the Boss by J.D. Walker

He's the Boss by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Lynn Hall runs a small, successful employment agency. While he’s able to find great candidates for his clients, he can’t seem to get a good assistant for his own office. One day while Lynn’s trying to answer the phone, type one-handed, and pour coffee for a guest, Duncan Stern walks in and becomes the answer to his prayers.

Duncan has recently been laid-off and is desperate for a job. Taking a chance on another agency, he walks into the offices of Lynn Hall & Associates and Lynn hires him on the spot.

Sexual tension simmers between them but they’re hesitant to pursue it because Lynn’s the boss. When one fateful evening thrusts them into each other’s arms, they’re forced to acknowledge the very real attraction they feel toward one another.

Steamy nights and hot office liaisons lead to something more, but one lecherous client threatens their love and livelihood. Will Lynn lose his company and the man of his dreams?

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February 17, 2014

Damsel in Distress by Shawna Jeanne

Damsel in Distress by Shawna Jeanne is now available in e-book format!

Christina Brown is tired after a long shift at RVA Burgers, but not too tired to flirt with her last customer, Angie Johnson. But either Angie isn't a lesbian or she doesn't pick up on Christina's cues, because she doesn't seem interested in continuing their conversation once Christina's off work.

Angie's always known she likes women, but she's never had a chance to find out just how much. Christina is the first to ever come onto her so brazenly, and to be honest, Angie is scared. She retreats to the restroom to text her online buddy Billy for some advice, and she's still hiding out in the stall when she hears Christina come in.

But before Angie can gather up her courage to approach the gorgeous cashier, someone else enters -- a man with no business being in the ladies' room, and nothing but sex on his mind. Unaware that they aren't alone, he assaults Christina at gun point.

Angie can't risk calling the police and being overheard. But she also can't stand by and watch Christina get hurt without doing something. The fact that the man doesn't know she's there, too, might work to her advantage. Will she be able to help a damsel in distress ... and maybe win the girl in the end, too?

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February 16, 2014

Candice Changed My Life by Eva Hore

Candice Changed My Life by Eva Hore is now available in e-book format!

Whether we’re playing sexual games, watching my kinky acquaintance having sex in her office across the road, or just being together as a couple, Candice and I have the perfect relationship. She’s all I want in a partner and more. There’s nothing we won’t do for each other, so when she tells me she has a surprise to rival all others, I’m more than eager for the night to begin.

But what Candice has in mind is nothing I ever dreamed she’d pull off. Being tied to the table at her mercy is one thing, but what happens next has me quivering with expectation.

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February 14, 2014

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February 13, 2014

Sally Bosco on Cevin's Deadly Sin

Sally Bosco on Cevin's Deadly Sin

Who would have thought a little pair of red lace panties could cause him so much trouble?

Cevin thinks that moving to a small Florida town is the worst thing that ever happened to him ... until he falls for Tessa. She may be the one person who can accept his cross-dressing, but her brother Hunt's goal is to make Cevin's life a living hell. When Hunt "outs" him at school, Cevin has to figure out how to come to terms with his own identity in order to keep Tessa and quite possibly save his own life.

I wrote this book because I'm fascinated with gender. How much of it is inherent and how much is from upbringing? Why do people in our culture react so violently against someone who defies gender? I've never felt that I fit neatly into gender lines and have defied most of the expectations that are placed on women in life, such as marriage and family.

I have cross-dresser friends, I've interviewed a lot of cross-dressers, and I've found that they are a group that is fairly ostracized. Particularly as teens, they have few if any support groups they can access. They don't quite fit in with the gay kids; neither do they fit in with the transgendered kids. I wrote Cevin to help cross-dresser teens accept themselves as they are, realize that they're not alone, and to bring awareness to the public.

Another subject I touch upon in this book is bullying. Cevin is very much bullied in school, both verbally and physically, and I wanted his reactions to these situations to be a teachable moment for kids. Cevin doesn't always make the best choices in that area, but those decisions he makes can be a point of discussion for teachers and kids. (I'm making a teach kit available.)

Cevin's Deadly Sin is also very much a book about being an outsider. How do we treat those who are different in some way? Tessa is totally taken with Cevin, but when he tries to tell her about how he's different, she doesn't want to listen. She becomes afraid and pulls away from him.

In many ways, this is a universal story. Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt like an outsider?

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February 12, 2014

V: The V in Valentine's by J.M. Snyder

V: The V in Valentine's by J.M. Snyder is now available in e-book format!

Vic Braunson has learned to live with the many and varied superpowers he receives from his lover, Matt diLorenzo. Most of the powers come and go, and Vic can take them or leave them. It’s Matty he loves, not the abilities his lover gives him.

Officer Kendra Jones is determined to talk Vic into joining the police force. With his powers, he would make a formidable cop. But Vic doesn’t want to put anyone in danger, least of all himself.

For Valentine’s Day, Matt has the perfect evening planned. But Kendra interrupts, soliciting Vic’s help in finding an autistic boy who wandered away from his family campsite days earlier. A wintry storm is set to plunge outside temperatures into the teens. If the boy can’t be found before the weekend, chances are he won’t survive.

The timing couldn’t be worse -- Vic’s arsenal of superpowers are nowhere in sight, other than his default telepathy and strength. Despite all the odds, can Vic save the boy as well as the romantic evening with Matty?

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February 11, 2014

Possessions of the Dead by Elliot Arthur Cross

Possessions of the Dead by Elliot Arthur Cross is now available in e-book format!

As a way of dealing with being dumped by his boyfriend for being unemotional, college junior Alex Corrigan pours all his energy into his studies. He jumps at the opportunity to sub for one of his favorite professors who’s called away on unexpected business. While answering questions about an upcoming mid-term paper, Alex finds himself immediately drawn to roommates Ben and Gage.

Ben plans on debunking the local legend of a haunted cabin for his research paper. For years, college kids have passed around the story that trespassers on the wooded property who steal something from the cabin are cursed with horrible, and potentially deadly, luck. Alex gives Ben advice on conducting research, then turns his attention on getting to know Gage.

Over the next few days, Alex manages to befriend the freshman while simultaneously talking himself out of making any moves. But as Alex spends more time with Gage, he finds himself drawn into Ben’s haunted project. When a series of startling events occur, Alex is forced to face the cursed cabin. Is it simply an urban legend college kids use to scare each other, or will he discover truth in the story?

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February 10, 2014

Future Past by Wayne Mansfield

Future Past by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

James is running late for a meeting, and he’s so used to getting everything he wants that he’s almost purple with rage when his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, there is no mobile reception and an advancing storm is about to unleash hell on earth. After weighing the pros and cons of going in search of shelter, the decision is made for him when rain starts pelting down.

James runs to a small grove of trees for cover, and decides to spend the night there rather than risk wandering about in the storm. But when he wakes in the morning, the storm has passed and it appears he isn’t in the same place he was the night before. Then he comes across naked, painted people conducting a primitive burial ceremony and wonders what’s going on.

He soon realizes he’s a long, long way from home -- while he may be in the same country, he’s centuries away from his own time. Through a strange rip in time and space, he has somehow been transported to a post-apocalyptic future where people live as they did in Pagan times and technology is outlawed.

James meets Christian, a handsome, muscular man who soon changes the way he looks at himself and the world around him. A budding romance blooms, but when James is captured by a Wildlands mutant named Sir, it may all come to an abrupt end. Can Christian save James before Sir has his way?

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February 9, 2014

Cevin's Deadly Sin by Sally Bosco

Cevin's Deadly Sin by Sally Bosco is now available in e-book format!

Cevin’s worst nightmare comes true when he and his mom move to a small Florida town where high fashion is a flannel shirt with the sleeves chopped off, and the only entertainment is the Friday night football games. Cevin wants nothing more than to blend in and get through the year so he can graduate and leave Tilapia forever.

When he meets Tessa, an introverted Goth girl, his plans to “not have a life” are forever ruined. She’s friendly to him, and he’s at first suspicious, but her poetic nature draws her to him, and he starts to believe she might be the only one who can accept him for what he is ... if he could just get up the nerve to tell her about his cross-dressing.

Cevin, though, has a problem: two of the local bullies have discovered his proclivity for wearing women’s clothing. One of them is Tessa’s brother, who threatens to “out” him if he doesn’t stop seeing his beloved sister. Cevin will do nothing of the kind, and when their bullying escalates, Cevin has to figure out how to survive their viciousness while still seeing Tessa and preserving his own identity -- whatever that is.

To add to his problems Cevin has an evangelical mom who thinks he’s doing “that thing the Lord despises” and is determined to set him straight by sending him to gay deprogramming camp. A former biker chick, she found religion after her drunk driving caused a serious motorcycle accident that severed her left hand and killed his sister.

A chance meeting with Amy, the school's only outed lesbian, has him joining the rock band Chemical Sandwich that has to get ready for a major competition in just six short weeks. Never mind that Cevin can’t play bass; he’s going to have to learn.

When Cevin’s friendship with Tessa develops into something more, he finds someone else who doesn’t fit in and who shares his love of music and poetry as well as his hatred for jocks and bullies. But Tessa has secrets, too. Will her friendship lead Cevin to the fulfillment of his dreams, or to his own demise?

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February 8, 2014

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February 5, 2014

To Know Your Wild Heart by Sam Singer

To Know Your Wild Heart by Sam Singer is now available in e-book format!

Orphaned in the forest as an infant, Kai grows up as the only human among a pack of werewolves. His parents were killed by Marcellus, a renegade Skinwalker with an insatiable thirst for carnage and an unreasoning hatred for humans. Though the pack has raised Kai as one of their own, he knows he’s an outsider. He’s different.

When Marcellus returns to finish what he started, the pack decides Kai must leave his forest family and be taken to a nearby human settlement, both for Kai’s safety and that of the pack. The task of seeing Kai to the settlement falls on his friend Adair, an aloof and amiable werecat.

Kai isn’t told where they’re going, and he enjoys Adair’s company. But soon the attraction between the two becomes too difficult to deny, and the more time they spend together, the closer they become. With danger bearing down on them and their attraction growing, can human and werecat survive with their lives -- and hearts -- intact?

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February 4, 2014

Pole Dancer by J.D. Walker

Pole Dancer by J.D. Walker is now available in e-book format!

Michelle Long is an exotic dancer at Tits Up. With her curly brown hair, freckles, and caramel-colored skin on a 5’6” frame, she’s a hot little number, and a favorite with the regulars.

She grew up knowing who she was and what she liked. Her dance instructor, Ms. Prim, introduced her to the hidden joys of sex the summer before college, and she never looked back. After graduation, Michelle finally found her calling dancing in a strip club.

Her routines are always steamy and she gets great tips, especially from women. The other dancers at the club are always trying to get Michelle to join them in an orgy, but she just laughs them off. The one woman she really wants eludes her -- Josey Tillman, the boss.

Hoping to win Josey’s affections, Michelle goes for broke and performs the sexiest dance of her life. Will Josey give in?

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February 2, 2014

Divine Intervention by Francis Gideon

Divine Intervention by Francis Gideon is now available in e-book format!

Liam, Bart, and Evan have been best friends since college. Though Liam is straight, he makes an effort to take his two friends to all the gay bars in their city. Liam acts as the matchmaker for many of his gay friends, but he has not made the connection between Evan and Bart. At least, not yet.

Evan and Bart find themselves drawn towards one another through a shared love of punk music and video games, but neither is able to make the first move. Evan, a former drunk who is still working on getting his life together, fears his own weakness in the face of alcohol and the pressures of his family. Bart, a runaway from his home state of Utah and his Mormon family, still struggles with what he is allowed to believe.

After Liam breaks up with his girlfriend, Bart and Evan meet at his apartment for a night of conciliatory drinking. But when they arrive, Liam isn’t there. As they wait for their friend, Bart and Evan begin to realize they’ve waited long enough for one another. But is it worth risking their friendship in the hope of discovering something more that might exist between them?

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