May 28, 2013

The Sexorcist by Wayne Mansfield

The Sexorcist by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

As an atheist, Calvin Deeds has no truck with either God or the devil. So when he's possessed by an evil spirit who calls itself Satan, he doesn't believe it. But the manifestations are horribly persuasive, the house shakes, and he is flung around the room. He flees his house, but the spirit follows him to his best friend Graeme's house, where it takes over completely.

Now Graeme has to deal with the horny and provocative spirit using Calvin's body. As a last resort, he contacts Father Gregg, the local parish priest. Initially reluctant, Father Gregg soon has to face down the evil spirit, and his dedication to his own vows of chastity.

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May 27, 2013

Tanglewood Road by Elliot Arthur Cross

Tanglewood Road by Elliot Arthur Cross is now available in e-book format!

Cody Langdon moves to Florida to start over after a failed suicide attempt. His mom hopes the change in scenery will do him more good than the medication he refuses to take, but Cody hates the sweltering summer heat and the loneliness of living in a state without any friends.

With several weeks to go until school begins, Cody sulks alone in the house while his mom works. Refusing to acclimatize himself to his new surroundings, he insists on wearing his usual black clothing and cranks the air conditioning all day.

The odd thing is, Cody hasn't seen a single sign of life since his arrival on Tanglewood Road. The lawns are well-kept, cars are parked in the driveways, and trash is put out once a week, but Cody has never actually seen anyone living on the street. Slowly, his thoughts spiral into obsession and paranoia. Where is everyone?

Then Cody stumbles upon a support group for those who have survived demonic attacks. The posts online only strengthen Cody's resolve when he learns about a murderous demon who has long stalked Southwest Florida. Has this same demon set up residence on Tanglewood Road, or is Cody's cabin fever getting the best of him?

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May 26, 2013

Mountain Hot Springs by Chuck Willman

Mountain Hot Springs by Chuck Willman is now available in e-book format!

It's a beautiful day at the natural hot springs nestled in the Jemez Mountains. A hiker frequently who climbs up to the springs daily thinks he has the forest to himself ... until he meets a surprise visitor with a "Hercules-like" body who also enjoys naked relaxation.

Together, in the privacy of a magnificent forest, the two men create their own heat, adding to the clouds of steam rising from the springs.

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May 22, 2013

Paul Alan Fahey on The Other Man

The Other Man by Paul Alan Fahey is now available in e-book format!

The road to finding the right publisher for your literary labor of love can be a rocky one; this was definitely the case with The Other Man: 21 Writers Speak Candidly about Sex, Love, Infidelity, & Moving On. Most editors and writers will tell you that having an agent, a solid book proposal and a great list of contributors are definite assets, but they don't necessarily guarantee publication.

What I've learned is this: Unless you are a well-known commodity as a writer/editor, have edited numerous best selling collections, and have had previous books featured in major book clubs along with great sales, there are too many other variables in the marketing process that conflict with automatic success. This is not to say it can't happen to someone like me: an unknown someone with a list of decent publication credits, professional contacts and an excellent agent. Against all odds -- cue the Phil Collins movie soundtrack -- The Other Man became a reality. It's true, and I have a copy of the book sitting on a shelf by my computer to prove it. It just took a lot of patience, time and a tremendous amount of luck to make it happen.

The Other Man's journey from proposal to print took almost three years. My writer friends tell me this was fast. Really?

Here's what happened:

By late fall, 2010, I had what everyone considered an excellent book proposal, the go ahead to write the gay companion to The Other Woman -- a huge national best seller -- from that anthology's editor, Victoria Zackheim, and by early 2011, a terrific agent in my corner. My agent sent the proposal out to LGBT publishers. Some responded. Many didn't. In summer, 2011, given the feedback my agent received, I revamped the proposal and wrote a new introduction, asked contributors for samples of their essays, etc. My agent sent out the second proposal. We waited.

In late 2011, The Other Man got a bite from a respected LGBT publisher. The editors were split down the middle. Half loved the proposal, half didn't. We were down to the wire. Our emails crisscrossed cyberspace for several weeks. I asked a few of my contributors to send me more essays for the editors to review; my guys were terrific and sent me their work. Then a week or so later, the final decision not to publish arrived in my inbox, along with a comment from one of the editors -- I'm paraphrasing here -- "Why would gay men be interested in reading about infidelity?" Hmm.

In early 2012, on my own and without my agent's involvement -- she doesn't handle short works -- I published a novella, The View From 16 Podwale Street, with JMS Books. At some point, I told my publisher, J.M. Snyder, about the proposed anthology and she wrote back saying she was interested. I was thrilled. The anthology was going to be a reality. Things were finally looking up for The Other Man. But then came another unanticipated problem: Several contributors, thinking the book wasn't happening, had dropped out and had gone on to other projects. It was then back to the drawing board and another search for well-respected, high quality writers to complete the contributor list.

In short, The Other Man, my three-year labor of love, is out today as an e book from JMS Books, with a print version to follow on May 31. How did I get so lucky? And the best part of the bargain is this: A portion of the proceeds from all sales will go to a charity near to all of our hearts, the It Gets Better Project. A win-win situation for everyone. Yes, it can happen. And it finally did.

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May 21, 2013

The Other Man by Paul Alan Fahey

The Other Man by Paul Alan Fahey is now available in e-book format!

Who is the other man?

He’s an accident waiting to happen: the skateboarder round the bend, the smiling barista with the extra hot mocha, the computer geek eager to retool your mate’s hard drive. He’s a relationship gatecrasher bound by no rules and with no sense of fair play. Like Caesar, he comes, he sees, he conquers. On the flip side, you or I can be the other man, charging in and breaking the bonds of a committed relationship without a thought to the pain and misery inflicted upon the injured parties. Face it: We’re not all innocent bystanders in other-man scenarios.

The Other Man is an artistic collaboration by and about gay men and their relationships. If you’ve ever been the other man, had him invade your life, or are just plain curious about this beguiling, unpredictable and dangerous creature, then this anthology of personal essays is for you. Twenty-one of our most acclaimed authors, many Lambda Award winners and finalists, write candidly about either being the other man, suffering the other man or having their relationships tested by infidelity. What they tell us is we must take heart, it does get better and one day our luck is bound to change. We’ll survive the bumps and detours in our relationships and weather the storms, or resolve to move on. Along the way, we’ll hope to meet someone new and simpatico, maybe even our long-awaited soul mate. Life will be good again. Or will it?

Contributors include: Perry Brass, Austin Bunn, Rob Byrnes, Mark Canavera, R.W. Clinger, Lewis DeSimone, Paul Alan Fahey, Wes Hartley, William Henderson, Allen Mack, Jeff Mann, Tom Mendicino, Erik Orrantia, Felice Picano, David Pratt, Glen Retief, Jeffrey Ricker, Rodney Ross, Jason Schneiderman, Philip Dean Walker, and Chuck Willman. Edited by: Paul Alan Fahey.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to the It Gets Better Project.

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May 14, 2013

When Darkness Falls by K.C. Grim

When Darkness Falls by K.C. Grim is now available in e-book format!

Shadow Chasers are dark and mysterious creatures of the night, among the oldest supernatural beings walking the earth. Their strength and ability to manipulate the darkness makes them powerful, but everyone has a weakness.

Jet is no exception. He's always used his good looks and sex appeal to his own advantage. Never being the settling down type of guy, Jet is content with loving both men and women and then leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake.

After jilting one too many lovers, Jet suddenly finds himself banished to the farthest reaches of the world, the Arctic Circle. Can a creature who has existed for centuries locked in darkness survive in the land of the midnight sun?

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May 13, 2013

The Boyfriend Season and Other Stories by R.W. Clinger

The Boyfriend Season and Other Stories by R.W. Clinger is now available in e-book format!

A man can fall in and out of love with a simple cheek-kiss, commit tender crimes of the heart, and enjoy gay passion to its fullest.

Who wouldn’t like to fall in love with a sexy medium in “Run Like a Girl?” What happened “Last Night on Smallman Street,” when two attractive men collide for the first time? And who is the mysterious, queer vampire who shares a “Tongue-Bite” with each of his victims?

In the title story, radio show host Kye Shore wants to marry soon. Could a snowy weekend in the woods cause him to fall in love with Mr. Right, or will he forever be? In “Jogger,” a young, muscular athlete is being stalked, but has he fallen for his stalker? And why are “Kai’s Underwear” being mailed to James Anthony’s apartment? What bizarre and sexy game is transpiring in his so-called normal life?

The ten short stories in this collection embrace the lives of queer men, their lust-driven lovers, and boyfriend relationships both romantic and problematic.

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May 12, 2013

My Fairy Tale by Joshua Skye

My Fairy Tale by Joshua Skye is now available in e-book format!

Tommy pretends he is a princess. New York City is his Kingdom by the Sea, and the building he lives in is his castle. There are dangers galore, like the goblins warring on the first floor. His toy unicorns are his friends, a stuffed panda his custodian. And Ronald Reagan is a prisoner in the depths of the castle, allowed to eat only ketchup sandwiches, a fitting punishment for his crimes. Tommy is hopelessly in love with Handsome Prince Johnny, who fled from the faraway kingdom of New Jersey to mingle with the other aristocrats down on the street, the bright stream of life flowing past Tommy's windows.

Tommy’s vivid imagination helps him deal with a world at odds with everything about him. He’s a boy who likes to dress in girls’ clothes and wear make-up. He is a boy who has a crush on another boy. Reality and pop culture merges in this flight of fantasy, a contemporary fable for every boy who dreams of being a princess and one day queen of his own realm.

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May 8, 2013

The Art of Romance by Wayne Mansfield

The Art of Romance by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Parker meets Anthony, a.k.a. Ant, through an advertisement for a nude yoga class. After depression robbed him of almost everything in his life, Parker started teaching the classes, determined to get back all his mental illness took from him. So when Ant emails him about the class, he’s eager to meet to arrange a meeting.

But Ant is late, and their first date is off to a bad start. Self-doubt and insecurity have Parker’s nerves in tatters. When Ant finally shows up, they spend a wonderful night together and wind up in bed.

As their relationship progresses, warning signs signal that perhaps Ant is not all he appears to be. When Parker’s friend sees Peter’s ex Simon with Ant in the city, alarm bells go off.

Are they plotting against him? Or did Parker’s depression rob him of his sanity, too?

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May 7, 2013

Illusions by Chuck Willman

Illusions by Chuck Willman is now available in e-book format!

Chris and Rick have been together for many years. When Rick's younger brother Mitch comes to visit, both men are looking forward to spending time with him.

But after a night spent catching up over food and wine, Rick turns in, leaving Chris to entertain their guest. An innocent nightcap and late night swim turn into a bizarre, dream-like fantasy for Chris and the beautiful, enchanting Mitch.

When morning comes, whose arms will Chris find himself in?

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May 6, 2013

Dorian's Worlds by Allen Mack

Dorian's Worlds by Allen Mack is now available in e-book format!

On a future Earth, sex suppressants and tranquilizers are fed to youth at the onset of puberty, keeping them in perpetual servitude by the Revered Senior Classes. They're housed in sublevel cubicles beneath the city, with little ventilation, extreme heat, and complete lack of outdoor light. Homosexuality and bisexuality are encouraged to prevent a surplus of lower class citizens who might pose threats to Senior rule.

All menial Workers are trained to submit to sexual advances from any Senior with humility and enthusiasm. Medical advances have extended the Seniors' lives, making their rule virtually unending. Subordinate in every way, through training from early childhood, the lower Class has no recourse.

Then Dorian rebels. While in jail, he recruits others with the same attitude, who strive to leave Earth. But can they overcome the obstacles in their way to freedom?

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May 2, 2013

The Theft of Dorian Gray by Joshua Skye

The Theft of Dorian Gray by Joshua Skye is now available in e-book format!

In an alternative Victorian London Oscar Wilde, the famous journalist, is given an overdose of absinthe while visiting his favorite brothel. Addled by the drug, he watches helplessly as Frederick the Swede steals his precious Writer's Tackle. Disaster! The device contains the draft of his latest masterpiece, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and now it's gone into the stinking alleys of Whitechapel.

His search is almost derailed by the gorgeous rentboy Basil, but their erotic tryst is interrupted by Westborough, a magistrate determined to catch Oscar Wilde in the act and lock him up. Basil and Wilde flee, and with the help of Wilde's old friend Lord Homeward, they manage to outwit the mad magistrate.

But what of the precious manuscript? When Basil sees a picture of Frederick, he recognises the man. But his name isn't Frederick. It's Dorian Gray.

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May 1, 2013

Slave by Wayne Mansfield

Slave by Wayne Mansfield is now available in e-book format!

Rocky is keen to visit KUNT, the infamous fetish club he’s heard so much about. The stories are legendary, filling him with great anticipation. As he opens the door, his heart begins to pound. From excitement, or fear? What lies on the other side?

From the minute he steps inside, he knows this is a place where anything can happen. The muffled boom, boom, boom of industrial dance music permeates the walls, and he has a sudden urge to be in amongst it all.

He pushes a second door open. The space behind is dark and smoky. The music pounds in his ears as he’s confronted by a sight that almost takes his breath away. His heartbeat quickens. Little does he realize as he heads for the bar that this will be a night he’ll never forget.

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