April 30, 2013

April 2013 Paperbacks

Now available in paperback!

Gold in the Clouds by Hayden Thorne

After his fifteenth birthday, Blythe Midwinter finds himself in a bit of a pickle. It’s high time for him to be a productive member of his family, taking up work he detests in order for his older sister, Molly, to follow her dreams of success as a talented baker. Though the three orphaned Midwinter siblings -- Molly, Bertie, and Blythe -- are lucky enough to work, they still earn only enough to keep themselves clothed and fed. Blythe desperately wishes for more, and it doesn’t help that his best and only friend, Jack Wicket, refuses hard, honest work in favor of good luck as the only means for quick success and instant riches.

Blythe’s dreams of a better life get more desperate when he attracts the attention of another boy, the youngest son of a rebellious old artist, whose family rises well above Blythe’s in wealth and station. Embarrassment and shame muddle Blythe’s perceptions of luck, work, and the promise of love -- that is, until Jack Wicket’s foolish decision to exchange his beloved cow for a handful of magic beans forces Blythe to look past castles in the clouds and understand what it is that truly measures a man’s worth.

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Heartsong by Jennifer Cierra

For some, the language of love is poetry. Passion can be expressed in art, in dance, in chocolate syrup ... or in song. The hearts of the men in this collection tremble with the pluck of a vibrato, soar with every sweeping crescendo, and break with the insertion of one false note.

In Melting Wax and Burning Feathers, the music of a beautiful busker reminds Long Beach tax attorney Gregory Daniels of the aspirations he gave up long ago. Should he keep playing it safe and stick with his day job, or will he finally be able to follow the music in his heart?

In Singing Alone and its sequel, No More Lonely Lullabies, Cole Grayson and Jake Walker are pop stars in the City of Angels. Can they rediscover the love they once shared and learn how to trust each other again?

Contains the stories:
  • Melting Wax and Burning Feathers
  • Singing Alone
  • No More Lonely Lullabies

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Major League Shutout by Terry O'Reilly

O.B. Benson knows that, as a gay baseball player, his only chance to keep from being shut out of the Major Leagues is to stay as far from the pubic eye as possible. His low profile is threatened when the team manager insists O.B. take part in a TV interview to help boost lagging fan support.

Avery Turner, TV reporter, is handsome, fit, and definitely pushes O.B.'s libido into high gear. He’s also out -- something O.B.'s situation doesn’t allow. And Avery believes in monogamous commitment -- something O.B. cannot identify with. But when Avery delivers a curveball to the catcher, O.B. doesn’t know how to handle it.

When O.B.'s interview is aired, he’s forced to evaluate his life of meaningless one night stands. Can O.B. and Avery work out their differences and build a winning team, or will O.B. strike out?

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Playing for Keeps by J.M. Snyder is now available in e-book format!

Shy, soft-spoken clarinet player Thad Archer tours Europe over spring break with his college marching band. He's lonely lonely so far from home and everything he's ever known, but at least he has his friends -- Mark, Peter, Seth, and Jamie. Thad has had a secret crush on sexy drummer Jamie McIntosh since they met but has never managed to pluck up the courage to confess his feelings. Could Jamie be as lonely and homesick as Thad?

Confident and cocky, Jamie is Thad's opposite in every way, but something about his quiet friend sets his heart aflutter. Unfortunately, Thad's deep in the closet, while Jamie is much more secure in his sexuality. Jamie doesn't want to rush Thad into anything he isn't ready for, but hopefully at some point their friendship, they can move toward something more.

But any romantic hopes the pair have are frustrated by Mark, the band's drum major, who has his sights set on bedding trombonist Seth, or flutist Peter, or anyone, really. He isn't too picky. If he can't get into pants of his straight friends, he'll settle for whoever he can get. Thad? Jamie?

The band will be flying back to the States in a couple of days. Thad knows once they're home, he'll have missed his chance with Jamie. Can he be satisfied just being friends? Or has Mark conducted his way between them?

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