March 31, 2013

March 2013 Paperbacks

Now available in paperback!

A Faire Day for Murder by Alan Scott

The brutal murder of an old man in an isolated farmhouse leaves local law enforcement with no alternative but to ask the Psionic Corps for help. Ian Houston, with his paranormal abilities, is called in, but his presence isn’t welcomed by all. The sheriff is convinced the owners of the nearby renaissance faire are behind the murder, especially since the victim was about to evict the faire from his land just as their season was getting underway.

Ian is not convinced the case is so straightforward, especially since there are other people with motives for doing away with the old man -- the neighbor with whom he has had a long-going property dispute, the son who will inherit his land, one of the faire's patrons who's been harassed by the old man over the years. To keep innocent people from being charged with murder, Ian must join the renaissance faire as a cast member to see if a murderer lurks among the ren folke.

Impeding his investigation is beautiful actress Diana Morgan, who instantly steals his heart. But as a cast member, she is also under suspicion, and Ian discovers she may have a dark past, too.

A second murder ramps up the investigation and the mystery becomes even more confused. Meanwhile, the sheriff is moving closer to charging the renaissance faire owners with murder.

Can Ian use his powers to find the real culprit and prove the innocence of his newfound friends?

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Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid: Down the Owlhoot Trail by J.E.S. Hays

In the late 1800's, a couple of enterprising young fellows decide to head West. John Gray, running away from a boring life in a boring town, runs into Kyler Devon, newly orphaned and looking for work. The two become fast friends, and agree to team up to accomplish all of their goals: to make a fortune, make an impact, and make names for themselves.

The best way to make their dreams come true is to become someone else entirely. John wants nothing more to do with his family, and reinvents himself as Chance Knight, debonair man of the world. Kye is proud of his name, but happily adopts a brother to replace the siblings he left with relatives.

Chance and Kye plan to take to the Owlhoot trail and become famous outlaws. As Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid, they live a life of adventure most lads their age can only read about in a dime novel.

Follow the boys in this collection of thirteen tales as they rob a stagecoach, run a con game, and teach the locals not to draw to an inside straight. They follow a map to stolen gold, outwit hostile Indians, and investigate a supposedly haunted canyon. They run into foul weather, trigger-happy stagecoach guards, and a band of robbers out to take their hard-earned riches. They even join a cattle drive. In the midst of all the action, the two form a partnership that will last the rest of their lives.

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Gay Daddies by J.M. Snyder

This anthology collects three of J.M. Snyder's best-selling e-books which center around gay dads with young children who want a fresh start ... and maybe a new relationship. After his wife leaves him, Bobby is surprised -- and pleased -- to learn his former high school best friend still has the hots for him all these years later in A Present for Daddy. Ex-baseball player Evan is watching his young daughter for the weekend when an old flame returns for a second chance at love in One More Try. And widower Jason meets the man of his dreams in his son's first-grade teacher in Tyler's Teacher.

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New Suburbia by Stephen Jerrome

A few weeks before his 21st birthday, Lance Brody gets his first tattoo. Lance is determined to live 'the life,' as he calls it -- as the eldest kid of musical legends Dale and Cheryl Brody, he is eager to claim his place in the world of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Pity about his two much younger siblings, Chester and Lucy, though. With their father dead and their mother in rehab, Lance is the designated adult, a role that doesn't come easily to him.

Fortunately Lance's best friend and fellow rockstar-child Kevin Day is more responsible. Lance becomes a roadie for Summer Day, Kevin's rockstar sister, and Kevin helps with Chester and Lucy while juggling his musical composition studies and a collaboration with the handsome, if infuriating, choreographer Aadi Chandar.

Kevin struggles with his temperamental sister for quiet time to work with Aadi as Summer’s chaotic lifestyle, which now includes Lance, threatens to overtake their entire house. Looming signs of a classic rock 'n' roll meltdown put Chester and Lucy in serious jeopardy.

As crises looms, they are pushed to redefine their definition of 'family.'

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Sexual Deception by Eva Hore

Sarah’s brother, Steven, has been bullied at work. To help him overcome his difficulties, Sarah accompanies him to see a psychiatrist named Michael Martin. She’s blown over by Michael’s good looks, his charisma, and his obvious interest in her.

When Michael asks her out, Sarah is swept up in a whirlwind romance, but she gets much more than she bargained for. Michael takes her on a roller coaster ride of emotions, from first date to marriage, and introduces her to some illegal sexual activities within his practice.

Disgusted, she befriends a patient named Bethany and, with the help of Bethany’s brother, Jackson, they swear to bring down Michael and his perverted ways. Sarah learns the hard way that the man she married isn’t who she thought he was. Can she escape Michael’s manipulative and devious ways? Or will she become just another victim of his sexual deception?

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