January 15, 2013

Benji Bright on Chevalier Book 5: The Gilded Knife

Guest post by Benji Bright ...

One of my strongest memories of childhood is sitting down to watch a bootleg import of the anime Ninja Scroll with my brother and my mom. If you've ever seen Ninja Scroll, you know that it gets way sexier than any seven-year old can handle, so I was dismissed from the room in short order. I remember wondering what was happening, creating my own plot from the muffled sounds of the TV in the other room.

We also played Dungeons & Dragons sometimes which was my favorite because you could do anything. I could betray my brother (though I didn't) and make off with the orb we so desperately needed to complete the quest, or I could be the hero who stayed behind to hold off a room full of skeletons so that my companions could quest on. I like the idea that there could be worlds in which anything could happen and that the possibilities are constrained only by an internal logic borne of the author's mind.

Chevalier is a series about four men thrust into circumstances that they have to fight, smooth-talk, and screw their way out of. When the action is supernatural and the resolutions uncanny, I like to think that I'm still writing from that other room as a kid, still positing the craziest scenarios possible to amuse myself and hopefully my readers as well. The reason that I write fantasy is because I like to believe that the impossible can happen and can you imagine how awesome it would be if it actually did?

Benji Bright

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