January 2, 2013

Andrew Demcak on If There’s a Heaven Above

Guest post by Andrew Demcak ...

If There’s a Heaven Above is literally my first novel, although I completed another, Limboville, 2008, before it. It’s first because I began to write it in 1986. I wrote a long prose poem describing the nightlife of 1980’s Los Angeles and the Gothic Club scene (that eventually became the preamble to the novel) and then three skeletal chapters that would become the beginning.

But the meager treatment disappeared after several moves, boxing and unboxing my stuff, and boxing it again. It slipped outside my awareness, deep down beneath layers of poems and dog-eared unpublished manuscripts. I still considered myself primarily a poet at that time, having had four books -- some which were award winners -- published already.

Then these early writing fragments surfaced about three years ago. As I cleaned out an actual folder of printed writing, mostly poems from my grad school days at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA, I discovered the prose poem I drafted about nightclubbing. It swept me away completely in the feelings of that time period. Then I found and read the three early chapters. And I knew it: I had to write this novel. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew this story had to be told -- it demand it.

Andrew Demcak

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